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Zoom Gift box Well-being Honeys

Gift box Well-being Honeys

€38.40 EUR

To get back in shape and vitality!

Aphrodite: preparation based on Honey, Pollen, Royal Jelly and Ginseng

Preparation based on fir honey and organic black propolis

Detox: Honey, Pollen and Royal Jelly preparation

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Gift box Well-being Honeys

€38.40 EUR

Focus on the benefits of beehive products

Royal jelly: It is a concentrate of amino acids essential to life, vitamins (B, A, C, D, E), minerals and trace elements essential to the body. Royal jelly contributes to the proper functioning and regulation of your nervous and muscular systems and to maintaining a healthy physiological balance.

Bee pollen: It brings you your daily dose of well-being, for your vitality and your digestive system**.

Propolis: to regain vitality and take care of your ENT sphere thanks to its antiseptic properties.

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Bees at the service of our natural health

"If bees were to disappear, humanity would only have four years to live.

Bees play a vital role for humanity. They are responsible for 90% of the pollination that enables flowers to become plants. Without them, there would be no fruit, no vegetables, no plants.

In addition to this aspect, which is essential to human survival, we can also use the products that bees produce to treat ourselves.

Apitherapy, which comes from the Latin "apis" bee and "therapia" from the Greek, is the treatment using products from the hive: royal jelly, propolis, pollen, honey, wax and even venom are used for their various benefits.

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Nos engagements

- Promote the quality, traceability and safeguarding of beekeeping heritages
-. Maintain an ongoing, direct and trusting relationship with "our" beekeepers.
- Optimize our volumes with our historical beekeepers in order to create strong links and give them visibility in terms of qualitative and quantitative development.
- To promote beekeeping that respects bees, the environment and consumers..
- Support the association terre d'abeilles, which acts on a national, European and international level for the protection of bees and other wild pollinating insects.

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